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The Energy Drink is a consumable item in BATTLEGROUNDS. Beverages loaded with ingredients purported to have the same effects as caffeine or sugar, their apparent effect appears to manifest as health regeneration and potentially increased movement speed in BATTLEGROUNDS, essential things that contribute to a possible chicken dinner.


Energy Drinks instantly increase a character's boost by 40, granting health regeneration and when drinking multiple cans, increased movement speed and stronger health regeneration. Performing certain actions while casting this item — such as jumping, or unholstering a weapon — will cancel its use. The effects of a single can will last approximately 2 minutes with a total of approximately 23 health restored.[1]

Energy Drinks increase a character's boost by 40 instantly. Performing certain actions while casting this item will cancel it.''
~ In-game description

Update history

Update #48 (Season 9 - Update 10.1)
  • Boost Heal Animation Improvements
    • To better visualize the affects of boosts, the Heal icon animation speed now changes between 4 speed intervals based on your boost level,
    • A quick reminder of the 4 boost levels and their effects:
      • Level 1: Heal 1 HP every 8 seconds
      • Level 2: Heal 2 HP every 8 seconds
      • Level 3: Heal 3 HP every 8 seconds and adds a 2,5% character speed boost
      • Level 4: Heal 4 HP every 8 seconds and adds a 5% character speed boost

Pre-Update #31 (Season 4 - Update 4.1) - vN/A

  • Healing and Boost Item Improvements
    • Healing and boost items can now be used while moving.
      • You’ll be limited to walking speed only.
      • Press the use or run/jump keys to cancel healing/boosting.


  • The energy drink originally modeled its appearance on the Austrian energy drink brand Red Bull, right down to the colors and shape of the can itself. The only difference was the branding appearing as the fictional Hot Bull, with Update #2 introducing the current replacement design of the energy drink.
  • In the Alpha and Closed Beta, a completely filled boost bar granted a bonus to weapon accuracy. This was later removed when the game was released for Steam Early Access as it was considered unbalanced.


Related Achievements

Achievement Name Picture Description Platform
Health Junkie

Achievement-Health Junkie.jpg

Charge your boost gauge to the max with energy drink and painkiller overdose.