Motorcycle w/ sidecar

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The Motorcycle w/ sidecar is a vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS, it's one of the drivable Motorcycles.


A trials-style motorbike equipped with a side-car. It seats a driver and two passengers and is one of the fastest vehicle in the game, currently. It has very good traction to the road, however, it can be flipped easily and currently kills all occupants instantly if they fall off of it.

It has very low fuel consumption, at least half the current rate of the other vehicles in-game.


  • Can be tilted forward in mid air using 'left control' and backwards using 'space.'


  • Take care when driving alone as it is easier to spin out of control, especially offroads.

Update history

Update #34 (Season 5 - Update 5.1)

Pre-release #32 (Season 4 - Update 4.2) - vN/A

  • Vehicle Handling Improvements



  • The decal found on the side of the motorcycle itself is a tribute to the late father of streamer BikeMan.



WIP previews/concept art of the Motorcycle w/ sidecar.