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The Sawed-off is an exclusive shotgun type weapon that fits in your handgun slot/inventory on the map Miramar in BATTLEGROUNDS.

This weapon was introduced in the Test Server PC 1.0 update.


The smallest shotgun available in the game, the Sawed-off functions like a pocket S686, albeit with higher spread due to the short barrel. It has two barrels, side-by-side, and as such can hold two rounds. Like the S686, it can quickly fire off both barrels to quickly do a lot of damage.

The Sawed-Off has the highest potential damage of any handgun, but also the lowest potential damage and depending on the distance to the target. It has the shortest effective range of all handguns, and is really only useful shortly after landing or in point-blank CQB situations.

A break-open shotgun with a shortened barrel capable of firing two consecutive shots.
~ In-game description

Update history

Update #59 (Season 15 - Update 15.1)
  • Increased hit probability on short range
  • Increased Sawed-Off damage by 1
  • Decreased Sawed-Off pellet spread

Update #47 (Season 9 - Update 9.2)

  • Decreased base pattern scale: 1.45 → 1.2
  • Decreased choke spread scale (lower spread): 0.85 → 0.8
  • Increased damage multiplier at 15m: 0.5 → 0.55

Update #41 (Season 7 - Update 7.2)

  • Body damage multiplier changes
  • Increased limb multiplier from 0.9 to 1.05.
  • Increased head multiplier from 1.25 to 1.5.
  • Increased hip-fire accuracy.
  • Decreased accuracy penalty during movement.
  • Decreased damage drop over distance for all shotguns.
  • Increased reload speed.

Update #33 (Season 4 - Update 4.3)

  • Adjusted shotgun balance.
    • Maximum effective range set to 80 m.
    • Maximum increased probability range set to 50 m.
    • Increased number of pellets fired to 9.
    • Decreased damage per pellet from 22 to 20.

Update #31 (Season 4 - Update 4.1)

  • Buffs
    • Increased per pellet base damage of Sawed-off from 20 to 22.
  • Nerfs
  • Reduced maximum bullet travel distance of all shotguns from 1000 m to 150 m.

Update #12 - v3.8.21.9

  • Increased overall damage and effective range.
    • Increased limb shots modifier (shooting limbs now does more damage).
    • Reduced pellet spread by 25%.
    • Shotgun chokes can now be attached to the Sawed-off.


  • Added a new shotgun, the Sawed-off.
    • Miramar exclusive.
    • Sawed-Off will be spawned in world.
    • It uses 12 gauge shot and 2 shells can be loaded. No attachments available.
    • It has short range, high dispersion, lower damage than other shotguns but can fire in rapid succession.


The following are attachable to this firearm:

The following are all attachments available for this weapon. They are sorted alphabetically with no regard to the attachment point utilized.

Image Name
Icon attach Muzzle Choke.png Choke (SG)

Weapon audio

Audio Type Firing Mode Track preview
Normal Sawed-off multiple shots
Reload Sawed-off reload



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