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Consumables are a type of item in Battlegrounds.


Consumables are a class of items that take time to use. Performing certain actions — such as jumping or unholstering a weapon — during the process will cancel their use. Once used, the item is removed from the inventory and cannot be recovered or reused.


Gear Items

Medical Items


Vehicle Items

Consumable Capacity
Icon Boost AdrenalineSyringe.png Adrenaline Syringe 20
Bandage Infobox.png Bandage 2
Icon Boost EnergyDrink-New.png Energy Drink 4
FirstAidKit.png First Aid Kit 10
Icon jerrycan.png Gas Can 20
Icon Helmet Repair Kit.png Helmet Repair Kit
Icon Hermostatic Device.png Hermostatic Device
Icon Heal MedKit.png Med Kit 20
Icon Boost Mega Energy Drink.png Mega Energy Drink
Icon Boost PainKiller.png Painkiller 10
Icon Vehicle Repair Kit.png Vehicle Repair Kit
Icon Vest Repair Kit.png Vest Repair Kit