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Multi-slot are a type of equipment in Battlegrounds., and multi-slot items takes up two or more slots in your inventory when equipped.

As of now there are NO items in this category that provide capacity or protection. The only items that provide the capacity to carry more gear are the Utility Belt, Vests & Backpacks.

Multi-slot Items

Name Image Rarity
Ghillie Suit Icon equipment Ghillie 01.png N/A
Uncharted Nathan Drake Desert Outfit Icon outfit Uncharted Nathan Drake Desert Outfit.png N/A
Harley Quinn Daddy's Lil' Monster Outfit Icon outfit Harley Quinn Daddy's Lil' Monster Outfit.png Legendary
The Joker's Night Club Outfit Icon outfit The Joker's Night Club Outfit.png Legendary
Kansas Farm Skirt Kansasfarmskirt.png Epic
Skeleton Queen Bodysuit Skeleton Queen Bodysuit.png Elite
Swashbuckler Top and Vest Swashbuckler Top and Vest.png Elite
Pirate Captain Outfit Pirate Captain Outfit.png Elite
Scarecrow Overalls Scarecrow Overalls.png Rare
Leo Mask Leo Mask.png Epic
Leo Jumpsuit Leo Jumpsuit.png Elite
Rabbit Season Hoodie Rabbit Season Hoodie.png Elite
Leather Cavalier Vest Icon equipment Body Leather Cavalier Vest.png Elite
GI Army Jacket Icon equipment Body GI Army Jacket.png Rare
Vintage Desert Combat Tunic Icon Body Vintage Desert Combat Tunic.png Elite
Inquisitor Gas Mask Icon Head Inquisitor Gas Mask.png Special
Corseted Inquisitor Dress Icon Body Corseted Inquisitor Dress.png Legendary
Form-fitting Dress (Red) Icon equipment Body Form-fitting Dress Red.png Legendary
Form-fitting Dress (Gray) Icon equipment Body Form-fitting Dress Gray.png Legendary
Suit Top (Brown) Icon equipment Body Suit Top Brown.png Elite
Haunted Pumpkin Mask Icon equipment Haunted Pumpkin Mask.png Event
Sinister Skull Mask Icon equipment Sinister Skull Mask.png Common
Maniacal Butcher's Apron Icon equipment Shirt Maniacal Butcher's Shirt.png Elite
Ancient Mummy Top Icon equipment Shirt Ancient Mummy Top.png Elite
Ancient Mummy Mask Icon equipment Ancient Mummy Mask.png Epic
Bloody Nurse Uniform Icon equipment Shirt Bloody Nurse Uniform.png Legendary
Killer Clown Mask Icon equipment Killer Clown Mask.png Legendary
Killer Clown Suit Icon equipment Shirt Killer Clown Suit.png Elite
Bekesha Icon equipment Jacket Bekesha.png Rare
Sosnovka Military Gas Mask Icon equipment Masks Sosnovka Military Gas Mask.png Elite
Festive Horse Mask Icon equipment Hat Festive Horse Mask.png Epic
Dragon Print Tang (Red) Icon equipment Shirt Dragon Print Tang (Red).png Rare
Floral Hanbok Icon equipment Shirt Floral Hanbok.png Rare
Hwarang Shirt Icon equipment Shirt Hwarang Shirt.png Rare
Dragon Print Qipao Icon equipment Shirt Dragon Print Qipao.png Rare


  • Q: Where can I see unlisted skins?
A: You can head to multi-slot.