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This the community created translations of the wiki articles into other languages other than English. It will make it easier for non-English speakers to get into the game and as a result improves the gameplay quality and meta-game for all players.

The official process of starting a translation for a specific language is described in's Guidelines. We will follow that guideline for the PUBG Wiki.

Current translations

Note: Due to how periodically PUBG Corp changes weapons statistics and more to the game some pages will be outdated within the translations.


The following translations have started. Please add new translations to this list. Please also make sure that your translation category is added to Category:Translations.

Translation Guidelines

If starting a new wiki language, please inform Wiki Admin first so that they can add it to the Interwiki Database.

  • Please make it similar or a one-to-one copy compared to the English variant.
    • This includes categories, file names and article layout.
    • This is so that viewers can find and know where to find content.
  • Please revert vandalism.
    • While it's rare for vandalism to occur there will be those who want to disrupt the platform revert vandalism to prevent fake or false information being shared.
  • No online translating
    • Let a native speaker create translations as online translating sites are often inaccurate.
  • Interwiki Links
    • Please add in interwiki links to both articles and templates.
      • Add in [[en:PAGENAME]] to your article, then [[LANGUAGECODE:PAGENAME]] to the English article.
      • If it's a template, do the same thing but add in the word 'Template' [[LANGUAGECODE:Template:{{PAGENAME}}].