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Event Pass: Sanhok is a Battle Pass in BATTLEGROUNDS.


With the launch of Sanhok, PUBG Corp introduced a new way to unlock cosmetic rewards in BATTLEGROUNDS. You can purchase the Event Pass: Sanhok from the Steam Store to open up more missions, more levels and permanent rewards (All items obtained through the Event Pass are non-tradable and non-marketable).

Official website: https://sanhok.playbattlegrounds.com/

  • Event period: June 22nd - July 21st, 2018
  • Cost of pass: $9.99
    • Buy 5 levels: $4.99

Pass items

(Items that are in the Tier marked as 'Free' next to the name means you don't need the Event Pass to obtain it. These are permanent unlocks for your character).

Name Tier Image Level
XP (400 XP) Pass - 1
BP Boost (5%) Pass - 2
BP (500 BP) Pass - 3
Jailbird T-shirt‎‎ Pass Icon equipment Shirt Jailbird T-shirt.png 4
Escapee Pants‎ Pass Icon equipment Pants Escapee Pants.png 5
Earloop Mask‎ Free Icon equipment Masks Earloop Mask.png 5
XP (200 XP) Pass - 6
Escapee Shoes Pass Icon equipment Legs Escapee Shoes.png 7
BP Boost (5%) Pass - 8
Silver Plate - Mini 14 Pass Weapon skin Silver Plate Mini14.png 9
BP (700 BP) Pass - 10

(Items that are in the Tier marked as 'Free' next to the name means you don't need the Event Pass to obtain it. These are permanent unlocks for your character).

Name Tier Image Level
Beach Shorts (Beige)‎‎ Pass Icon equipment Pants Beach Shorts (Beige).png 11
XP (200 XP) Pass - 12
Jailbird Joggers Pass Icon equipment Pants Jailbird Joggers.png 13
BP Boost (5%) Pass - 14
Escapee Jacket‎ Pass Icon equipment Jacket Escapee Jacket.png 15
BP (500 BP) Pass - 16
Free in-game name change Free - 16
Guard Pants Pass Icon equipment Pants Guard Pants.png 17
BP (700 BP) Pass - 18
Guard Cap Pass Icon equipment Head Guard Cap.png 19
Worker Jacket Free Icon equipment Body Worker Jacket.png 19
XP (200 XP) Pass - 20
Parachute - Sunflower Free Icon gear Parachute Sunflower skin.png 20

XP Math

This is for people who don't have the Event Pass and want the free rewards, here is how long/much you need to play/do for them. This is based off the average XP that can be earned daily, so you may unlock the lower level items faster. [1]

For non-pass holders you get:

  • 120 XP per day from Dailies.
  • 80 XP max per day from playing.
  • 1,200 XP total with the completed missions on 'Normal.'


  • Level 5 - Earloop mask - 8 days
  • Level 16 - Name change - 23 days
  • Level 19 - Worker Jacket - 28 days
  • Level 20 - Sunflower Parachute - 29 days


  • Q: What if I purchase the event pass midway through the event period?
A: We’ll track all of your progress toward the event pass missions even if you don’t purchase the pass, so if you purchase it midway through the event you’ll still be able to claim all the rewards you’ve earned!
  • Q: Does this pass only work on map Sanhok?
A: Event pass missions are applicable to all maps, except for just a few which are clearly labeled as Sanhok Missions.
  • Q: What happens to the items after the event?
A: If you’re playing without purchasing the event pass, you’ll receive the Nickname Change item and permanently unlock the parachute (obtainable at level 20), but all other earned cosmetic items will expire. However, if you purchase the event pass, you will be able to obtain a lot more cosmetic items that will not expire even after the event period. All temporary items (marked with the timer icon) will expire regardless of purchasing the event pass.
  • Q: "Free Trial Item," what does this mean?
A: Items that have the timer icon will expire regardless of purchasing the event pass. This means, you'll need to purchase that item via the Steam Marketplace or randomly get it from a crate that has that specific item.
  • Q: How do you level up your pass?
A: Accomplish missions to gain experience points, or simply accumulate survival time to rack up experience points (2 XP every five minutes in-game, up to 80 XP per day). Those who have purchased the Event Pass can rack up 4 XP every five minutes of survival time up to a total of 80 XP per day.
  • Q: Event Pass, which model does it compare to?
A: It follows the CS:GO Operation model where you can complete specific missions for rewards/skins. These Operations are priced at $5.99 while the Event Pass: Sanhok is $9.99 and runs for 4 weeks.