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Survivor Pass: Highlands is a Battle Pass in BATTLEGROUNDS.


You can purchase the Survivor Pass: Highlands from the in-game marketplace to open up more missions, more levels and permanent rewards (All items obtained through the Survivor Pass are non-tradable and non-marketable).

Survivor Pass: Highlands loads you up with the looks you need to explore Paramo's mysteries. Unlike previous passes, Highlands will run for a reduced duration of 2 months but is also easier to complete with only level 50 needed to receive all its rewards. Drop in early to hit the ground running and claim your great Paramo-themed rewards.

  • Event period:
    • PC: October 21st - December 16th, 2020
    • Consoles: -
  • Cost of pass: $4.99 / 500 G-Coin.png

Pass Rewards

Coupons can be obtained by completing missions then you can exchange your coupons for exclusive Survivor Rewards.

Name Image Category Coupons Needed
1,000 BP BP.png Other 1 Blue Coupon
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other 3 Yellow Coupons
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other 4 White Coupons
Tribal Raptor - DP-28 Weapon skin Tribal Raptor DP-28.png Weapon skin 12 Blue Coupons
Tribal Empire Backpack (Level 2) Icon Backpack Level 2 Tribal Empire Backpack.png Backpacks 15 Yellow Coupons
Tourist Trap Boots Icon Feet Tourist Trap Boots.png Gloves 10 Yellow Coupons
Tourist Trap Pants Icon Pants Tourist Trap Pants.png Pants 12 White Coupons

Name Image Category
Tribal Empire Backpack (Level 1) Icon Backpack Level 1 Tribal Empire Backpack.png Backpacks
Volcanic Ash Backpack (Level 3) Icon Backpack Level 3 Volcanic Ash Backpack.png Backpacks

Name Image Category Level
Tourist Trap Shirt Icon Body Tourist Trap Shirt.png Shirts Level 1
BP 500 BP.png Other Level 2
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other Level 3
100 G-Coin G-Coin.png Other Level 4
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other Level 5
BP 500 BP.png Other Level 6
Tourist Trap Hat Icon Equipment Tourist Trap Hat.png Hats Level 7
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other Level 8
BP 500 BP.png Other Level 9
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other Level 10
BP 500 BP.png Other Level 11
Hairstyle 23 Icon Hair Hairstyle 23.png Hair Level 12
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other Level 13
BP 500 BP.png Other Level 14
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other Level 15
100 G-Coin G-Coin.png Other Level 16
Blue Coupon Blue Coupon.png Other Level 17

Battle Bride

The Battle Bride Pass is an entirely new kind of pass focusing on a single character vs a seasonal theme. This pass follows Sadiya Qureshi, the hero from Karakin's lore, and lets you unlock some of her iconic skins you saw in our motion comics. The Battle Bride pass progresses independently from the Survivor Pass and has 15 levels for you to complete by earning XP from playing matches. If you're looking to pick up some of Sadiya's unique looks, pick up the Battle Bride Pass!

Name Image Category Level
Sadiya's Wedding Dress Icon Body Sadiyas Wedding Dress.png Dress Level 1
Sadiya's Veil Icon Equipment Sadiyas Veil.png Neck garment Level 2
Karakin Slippers Icon Equipment Feet Karakin Slippers.png Shoes Level 3
Tenebres Marbled - AKM Weapon skin Tenebres Marbled AKM.png Weapon skin Level 4
Karakin Local Pants Icon Equipment Legs Karakin Local Pants.png Pants Level 5
Karakin Local Boots Icon Equipment Feet Karakin Local Boots.png Shoes Level 6
Victory Dance 33 Icon Emote Victory Dance 33.png Emotes Level 7
Tenebres Engraved - Mk14 EBR Weapon skin Tenebres Engraved Mk14 EBR.png Weapon skin Level 8
Karakin Local Blouse Icon equipment Body Karakin Local Blouse.png Shirts Level 9
Sadiya Qureshi Icon Faces Female Sadiya Qureshi.png Faces Level 10
Tenebres Engraved - MP5K Weapon skin Tenebres Engraved MP5K.png Weapon skin Level 11
Karakin Local Sunglasses Icon equipment Eyes Karakin Local Sunglasses.png Glasses Level 12
Karakin Local Backpack (Level 2) Icon Backpack Level 2 Karakin Local Backpack.png Backpacks Level 13
Tenebres Marbled - M416 Weapon skin Tenebres Marbled M416.png Weapon skin Level 14
Sadiya's Battle Suit Icon Body Sadiyas Battle Suit.png Dress Level 15


  • Q: General overview?
    • All missions require you survive more than 4 minutes in a public match, except the "Play a match" mission which you must survive more than 5 minutes.
    • Custom Match, Event Mode and Training Mode do not count toward mission progress.
    • For kill related missions, when one players knocks an enemy and another finished the kill, both players will be granted mission progress based on the weapon used.
  • Q: What if I purchase the event pass midway through the event period?
    • A: We’ll track all of your progress toward the event pass missions even if you don’t purchase the pass, so if you purchase it midway through the event you’ll still be able to claim all the rewards you’ve earned!
  • Q: How do you level up your pass?
    • A: Accomplish missions to gain experience points, or simply accumulate survival time to rack up experience points.



Survivor Pass Highlands