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The Mountain Bike is a off-road vehicle in BATTLEGROUNDS.


The Mountain Bike is unlike other vehicles, the Mountain Bike can be found as a lootable item in its folded state. It can be located most often on the outskirts of the map, helping you have additional transportation methods. Due to the lack of an engine, it hardly makes any noise, allowing for stealthy movement. Combined with Driver shooting, this can lead to some great surprises for your enemies.



Like in real life, you can sprint on the Mountain Bike by putting in some physical effort to mash the "Move Forward" key repeatedly to cycle faster. Being boosted makes it easier to reach max sprint speed. Higher tapping speeds increase sprint speed.


Additionally, you can put your BMX skills to the test by jumping with the Mountain Bike. Holding the "jump" key longer (up to half a second) will increase jump height. High speed and being boosted also increases the jump height.


Try to find the perfect balance by holding the "sprint" key and tapping "jump" in rhythm to find the hipster inside you.

Update history

Update #59 (Season 15 - Update 15.1)
  • Maps: All maps in normal matches
  • Spawned in a folded form.
  • Unfold it into a rideable vehicle or store them in inventory.
  • Folds back into an item when stored back into the inventory.
  • Due to the absence of a speedometer, the current traveling speed is not displayed.
  • Does not spawn in Esports Mode.
  • Maximum number of passengers: One
  • Maximum speed:
    • Max speed without sprinting (85% Throttle): 50 km/h
    • Riding with 40% or more Boost (90% Throttle): 54 km/h
    • Riding with sprint tapping (100% Throttle): 62 km/h
  • HP: Cannot be destroyed, including the wheels
  • Item weight: 70
  • Fuel consumption: None