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The SKS is a Carbine/DMR type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.

This weapon was introduced in the Early Access launch day of 2017.


The SKS (Samozaryadny Karabin sistemy Simonova) is a designated marksman rifle, being a middle ground between a typical assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Thus, this rifle excels in medium-range combat and packs devastating stopping power if a user can handle this gun effectively in CQC (close-quarter combat), but will be less effective in long- to extreme-combat as it lacks the precision of dedicated sniper rifles. Players who wish to use a weapon with high damage, rate of fire and long range effectiveness should look for the SKS, as it is one of the few weapons with such properties.This gun also has the benefit of accepting the most attachments out of all the sniper rifles. The SKS shown and used in PUBG is a Chinese F.D.E. version made by Tapco.

The SKS is not without its downsides however. Its standard capacity magazine of only 10 rounds, combined with high recoil and high precision compared to the automatic rifles require the user to stand still in order to land consistent shots, which in turn makes them an easy target. Use this to your advantage if you know your attacker is using one of these. Another thing to keep in mind would be counting shots in the magazine; if you hear the enemy shoot off 10 shots, you can use that time to change your position or advance on the shooter, although there is the risk that they have extended mags on the gun and may simply be waiting for you to expose yourself.

Semi-auto Russian designated marksmen [sic] rifle.
~ In-game description

Update history

Update #55 (Season 13 - Update 13.1)

The following balance changes have been applied:

  • Increased bullet drop and reduced damage coefficient at long range.

Update #44 (Season 8 - Update 8.2) - vN/A

  • SKS has been remodeled from scratch to improve their visual quality. Along with their visual update, weapon sounds of these weapons has been overhauled.

Update #12 - v3.8.21.9

  • Decreased the damage of the SKS.
  • Increased head, body, and limb shot modifier.
  • Increased vertical and horizontal recoil.
  • Decreased the recoil recovery rate.
  • Added new recoil animations.

Official release PC 1.0 Update - v3.5.5.6

  • Decreased firing rate of the SKS.

Early Access (Month 4 Update) - v2.2.18

  • Added a lower rail attachment slot to the SKS.

Early Access (Month 2 Update) - v2.3.28

  • Cheek pad is now attachable to the SKS.

Early Access (Month 1 Update) - v2.2.18

  • Adjusted the firing sound of the SKS in mid to long range combat.


  • Added a new sniper, the SKS.


The following are attachable to this firearm:


  • The SKS featured in game is outfitted with an aftermarket Tapco Intrafuse railed stock that utilizes an AR buffer tube and collapsible M4 stock in a Flat Dark Earth finish.
  • When a cheek pad is attached to the SKS, it takes on the appearance of the Command Arms CP2 Cheek Riser.
  • Although 10 round magazines do exist for the Intrafuse SKS, the in-game depiction uses the 20 round magazine by default and simply changes color when an extended magazine is attached to it.

Weapon audio

Audio Type Firing Mode Track preview
Normal SKS single fire
Suppressed SKS single fire
Reloading SKS reload




Real-life counterpart